Our People

Human Resources Director of PJSC Uralkali

Development of human resources is the most important task for a company that cares about its future. For this purpose, we have created a Corporate University. It is not just a building, but over 250 educational programmes that meet all of Uralkali’s needs. By opening the university and offering an opportunity not only to our employees, but also to other residents of Solikamsk and Berezniki to improve their knowledge and receive training in sought-after occupations, we have once again confirmed the effectiveness of our cooperation with municipal authorities.


Uralkali is not only the leader of the potash industry, but also one of the most attractive employers in the region where it operates. We develop and promote our employees, motivate talented youth and attract experienced professionals, improve social benefits and offer competitive salaries. Our culture is a culture of achievement. Relying on this approach, we build our relations not only with our personnel, but also with the people of our communities.


The successful realisation of a business strategy is entirely dependent on people: their management skills, professional knowledge and commitment to the Company’s values and corporate ethos. Therefore, Uralkali creates ideal conditions for professional growth and career progression and develops ways to build and strengthen Company loyalty and team efficiency.


  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Increase the level of professional competence
  • Increase the involvement and efficiency of our personnel
  • Promote blue-collar occupations in the cities where the Company operates


  • Employees
  • Trade unions
  • ›Government and local authorities
  • Local communities

the average annual salary in the main production unit (including annual bonus)


trained at Uralkali, subsidiaries and affiliates in the Russian Federation in 2016

Up to 70%

work meal costs paid for by the Company


compensation of ski centre costs and up to 50% of sports centre costs

Our employees are the strength and pride of the Company. We cherish partnership relations, and respect the opinion and contribution of each and every employee.

Strategic projects

Uralkali is a company with a rich history. At the same time, we are active, dynamic and open to change.

It is important not only to motivate and develop our personnel, but also to organise its activities in the most efficient way. We strive to improve the productivity of each employee, consistently implementing projects to make the most of all types of resources, introduce new technologies, and efficiently organise labour to maintain leadership positions in the market.

We actively invest in our future, and therefore we continue to work closely with students of higher and secondary specialised educational institutions and pupils.

Expanding opportunities for the development of employees, we opened the Corporate University, which in the future will become a training centre for the entire northern part of the Perm region. The university offers an opportunity to undergo training and retraining, improve qualifications and master additional occupations.

The Crystal Pyramid 2016 award in the category of «Best corporate university in the strategic focus Education,» which the Company received for achievements in the field of human capital management, proves the effectiveness of the Company’s HR policy. This is also evidenced by the victory in the All-Russia competition «Enterprise with highly efficient HR activities 2016» in the «Leader of socially responsible business» category.


Uralkali’s compensation system allows us to correctly position ourselves in the labour market to ensure competitive conditions and determine the fair remuneration of employees.

In addition, the KPI system makes it possible to objectively assess the efficiency of the Company’s business units. Every year we conduct internal customer surveys to help us understand our development opportunities.

Uralkali is one of the regional leaders in terms of average salaries. Nevertheless, in accordance with the Collective Agreement the Company carries out annual indexation, the amount of which depends on the results of monitoring the wage level in the labour market of the Perm region and the growth of consumer prices for goods and services.

Professional and career growth

The Corporate University, as Uralkali’s integrated development system, was established in 2015, and in 2016 it received its own building. Employees can now use any forms of training (classroom and online) to develop their potential and build up competence. In 2016, we celebrated the defence and awarding of diplomas to the first graduates of the Corporate University in the Mining Machines Operator occupation. This is the first class of graduates trained exclusively by the teaching staff of the Corporate University.

Uralkali continued to develop such traditional projects as the Talent Pool, Preparing Successors for Key Management Positions, Evaluation and Development of Management Skills, etc.

The Company also improved its adaptation and mentoring system, through which we ensure the continuity of our team and quick involvement of new employees in the life of Uralkali. Traditionally, one of the most anticipated events for those who strive for self-improvement is Development and Career Week.

Youth engagement

The first meeting of representatives of the Company’s Youth Movement was conducted in 2016. A wide range of issues were actively discussed, from its name to prospects and projects. Following the meeting, a competition was held among employees for the best name, logo and motto of the movement.

The best name was «MolodezhKa». The movement logo now features human figures of the Company’s corporate colours surrounded by salt crystals. The motto is «Do not stand still, but only move forward and only together!»

We currently run six hobby clubs: Profkom 2.0, Adaptation and Mentoring Club, Volunteer Club, Engineering Club, Creative Club and Sports Club, for each of which a plan of events has been developed and is being implemented.

Social benefits

Uralkali’s social benefits remain among the best in the industry. They include an optional health insurance programme; periodical and extensive medical examinations; reimbursement of meal costs; health resort offers for employees; a housing improvement programme; summer holidays for children of employees; partial compensation for the cost of sports; corporate Olympiad events; free transportation to work and back;

Christmas gifts for children of employees; financial assistance in various situations; lump sum remuneration in connection with retirement and the Attention and Care programme for retired former Uralkali employees.

Each year Uralkali organises Health Days – a range of activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, which make it possible to take part in shared health-improving events and receive preventive care. The traditional and integral part of Health Days is the free distribution of vitamins at the Company’s units.

Corporate culture

In 2016, in connection with the new business realities, as well as the needs and targets of our employees, a new edition of Uralkali Group’s Code of Corporate Culture with revised values was prepared.

Promotion of the revised values, principles and standards of interaction across the Group, enshrined in a binding document – the Code of Corporate Culture – is greatly facilitated by the Person of the Year project. In corporate media, we talk about our colleagues who adhere to the Company’s values, support the corporate culture and advocate the brand. This being said, the team itself nominates candidates for the title and votes using a special corporate portal service to choose the best employee.

In 2016, the professional community recognised the Company’s internal communications system as the best: we participated and won the Silver Threads 2016 corporate media competition in the category of Leading Company: The Best Corporate Media Communications System.

The Museum and Exhibition Centre of Uralkali partnered with In the Vanguard inter-museum exhibition project associated with the 85th anniversary of the city of Berezniki and the 95th anniversary of the foundation of the USSR, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Perm region.


Uralkali Group has a developed feedback system. There is a call centre and ethical representation working group that enhance the Company’s efficiency, and mitigate the risk of conflicts and violations in the Company.

We hold regular informational meetings for personnel. These include meetings with Uralkali’s CEO, and directors of the Company’s mines, subsidiaries and affiliates.