Our Communities

Being one of the largest employers in the Perm region, Uralkali contributes significantly to the economic development of the region and cities where it operates, actively participates in the implementation of socially important projects and initiatives, and takes part in solving pressing social problems.

The Company continued its work with local authorities in 2016 through partnership agreements aimed at ensuring the long-term effect from investments in key social projects in the field of socio-economic development of the territories. A number of Uralkali’s employees participate in the work of local government, such as the Berezniki City Duma and Solikamsk City Duma. At a regional level, the Company collaborates with the governor’s office and the government of the Perm region. Following the results of the elections held in 2016, the Company’s representatives entered the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region, which demonstrates a high level of trust and support from the local population.

Social and economic development in the cities where we operate

In 2016, Uralkali continued to implement its social investment policy aimed at sustainable development in the region where it operates. Social investments in 2016 amounted to about US$5.7 million.

In addition to providing stable employment and meeting its tax obligations, the Company undertakes voluntary commitments to create comfortable living conditions in Berezniki and Solikamsk, where its main production facilities are located.

Encouraging sports

In 2016, Uralkali continued to support the development of physical education and sports in the region where it operates. We traditionally supported the Swimming Federation of the Perm region in order to develop and promote this sport. During the year, Uralkali also provided financial assistance to the hockey team of Solikamsk to participate in regional competitions, as well as to ice skaters and judoka from the city in organising training camps to prepare for tournaments at various levels. The Company continued with the implementation of a large-scale project to arrange recreation areas in the cities where it operates. Uralkali installed street workout equipment and children’s playgrounds in nine residential districts of the city of Solikamsk.

With the Company’s assistance, the Your Active Summer project was implemented in Berezniki and Solikamsk; it included a number of activities aimed at attracting citizens to fitness and sports. Another highlight of the project was a large-scale charitable race On the Way of Kindness to help children from the Luch society for the disabled. A family holiday, organised with the support of Uralkali, united all people who really care.

As part of a project to promote basketball as a mass sport for children and adolescents in the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk, Uralkali improved the material base of 28 basketball centres where 1,680 children are trained. The necessary equipment and 2,000 sets of sports uniforms were purchased to equip the teams, and 10 school gyms were repaired.

With the support of Uralkali, city-level streetball competitions were held, in which over 120 teams took part. Traditionally, these competitions coincide with the City Days of Berezniki and Solikamsk. In 2016, another season of the School Basketball League Kali-Basket Junior started with 1,300 junior pupils from Berezniki and Solikamsk participating. The project employs 28 coaches, including 6 coaches from the best basketball clubs of Russia and coaches from Serbia.

Uralkali provided support to a number of other sports events in 2016, including:

  • Participation of Solikamsk kickboxers in the European Championship in Maribor (Slovenia), where they won one gold and one silver medal
  • All-Russia judo tournament among boys in Solikamsk, in which over 200 young judoka from various Russian regions participated
  • The first summer Fit for Labour and Defence festival of the Solikamsk district
  • City athletics championship Sprint Shoe of the Young in Solikamsk
  • Ski sports festival Snow Carousel 2016 in Solikamsk
  • Recreational Athlete Day in Berezniki, which included the opening ceremony of the city stadium with a modern artificial surface
  • Snowkiting competitions Stroganov Mile, sailing match Stroganov Regatta and equestrian competitions Stroganov Verst in the Usolye district


Year after year, Uralkali encourages the creative development of residents of the region where it operates.

Uralkali has traditionally sponsored the celebration of the City Days in Berezniki and Solikamsk. In Berezniki, the Company also prepared interactive sites. In Solikamsk, City Day was held in conjunction with Miner’s Day. Numerous festive events included sports and creative activities, historical quests, exhibitions and master classes, festivals and concerts with Russian stars.

An important cultural event in the city of Berezniki was Big Ballet Night. The event was dedicated to the anniversary of honorary citizen of the city and Honoured Worker of Culture of Russia choreographer G.I. Tsyganova, and was supported by the Company. We also gave assistance to the children’s theatre studio Rosinka in preparation for the All-Russia children’s festival Art-Voyage. With the support of Uralkali, residential districts of the city hosted Maslenitsa folk festivals that were enjoyed by the citizens.

Uralkali supported special city events in Solikamsk in 2016 as part of the celebration of the Day of Spring, Labour Day and Victory Day. The monument to the victims of political repressions was renovated with funding from the Company. In addition, through the Company’s financial support, cultural and recreation areas for the elderly were organised in all seven settlements of the Solikamsk district.

The Revival regional festival of national cultures, featuring five sites, was held in the Solikamsk district with the support of Uralkali. Among the most anticipated events of the festival was the Hippofest equestrian sport festival. Another holiday for residents of the Solikamsk region was the open festival of pop singers Ferry-2016, traditionally supported by Uralkali.

In the Usolye district, we supported a number of significant cultural and socially oriented events and projects, including the All-Russia festival Bells of Russia, the Cossack culture festival. Assistance to the municipal competition of social and cultural projects was also very valuable.

Uralkali made a significant contribution to the improvement of the tourist «growth point» of the district – the Usolye Stroganovskoe historical complex, where the gate tower was rebuilt, and a hospitality block for tourists was arranged.


Uralkali always cares about the education of the younger generation. In 2016, the Company supported a number of educational institutions in Berezniki, Solikamsk and the Solikamsk district in the improvement of their material and technical base. In particular, we purchased sports equipment, gaming equipment, and consumer electronics. In the Solikamsk and Usolye districts, the assistance provided by the Company made it possible to get educational institutions into the required condition and ensure timely preparation for the winter and the new school year.

Considerable funds were allocated to improve security in schools and kindergartens in Solikamsk and the Solikamsk district, where video surveillance systems and autonomous warning systems were installed, along with outdoor lighting.

With the financial support of the Company, surveying was carried out for the construction of a comprehensive school for 1,224 pupils on the right bank; funds for the design work were allocated as well.

The Company also provided support to the following activities in 2016:

  • Teacher of the Year competition in Solikamsk
  • Formula of Success event, during which gifted children and the best teachers of Solikamsk were awarded
  • Voice. Solikamsk project for the development of vocal creativity and search for talented performers
  • Children’s summer health campaign in the Usolye district
  • New Year’s celebrations in kindergartens and the Childhood without Borders New Year’s event for children with disabilities

Support for municipalities and urban development

During 2016, Uralkali provided assistance to municipalities in addressing issues of local importance.

Activities within the context of municipal programmes sponsored by the Company included the following:

  • repair of passages in the territory of the Vagner city hospital
  • repair of the exhibition industrial monument – the Ural mining machine at the Centre for Technical Creativity
  • assistance in the renovation of the city park
  • repair of roads in the settlements of the Solikamsk district
  • technical re-equipment of a gas boiler house and overhaul of engineering networks in the settlements of the Solikamsk district

Uralkali also contributed to the acquisition of vehicles for Solikamsk law enforcement bodies in 2016 in order to increase the mobility and efficiency of police officers in carrying out activities ensuring a safe living environment for residents of Solikamsk and the Solikamsk district.

Charity and sponsorship

In 2016, Uralkali continued to support the Berezniki city organisation of the All-Russia Society for the Disabled, the Solikamsk city organisation of the All- Russia Society for the Blind, the Berezniki city organisation of the All-Russia Organisation for the Disabled Chernobyl of Russia Union, and the city council of war, labour, armed forces and law enforcement veterans.

For a few years already, the Company has been supporting the activities of the city environmental protection society, such as the Ecology.City.Man environmental conference, the Nature Connoisseurs city competition and the Protection and Conservation of Water Bodies environmental project.

Uralkali regularly helps disadvantaged groups of the population. In 2016, the Company funded repairs at the offices of the Solikamsk society for the disabled Luch and the Solikamsk branch of the All-Russia Society for the Disabled. In addition, we helped visually impaired people attend regional events and competitions.

Support for NGOs and religious organisations

Uralkali regards the activities of NGOs and religious organisations as an important element of the social environment that serve to maintain stability in the region where the Company operates. In 2016, the Company rendered assistance to the Church in Honour of the Praise of the Holy Virgin Theotokos, in the village of Orel. We also allocated funds for the improvement of the grounds of the Luka Voino-Yasenetsky Church. With the support of Uralkali, the construction of the Church of St. Nicholas, one of the largest in the Perm region, continued in 2016.